Sunday, 31 December 2017

AMIGArama Episode 10: Flight of the Amazon Queen

Jump aboard a flight over the Amazon, no life raft in sight as Joe King takes the controls in Flight of the Amazon Queen.

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Podcast with... game play footage!

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  1. Hi Lorfarius.
    Not sure what You've done but this time when download and played episode there was a gameplay image in my podcast app. I'm using android phone with basic podcast application, and for most episodes it dispay Dream Web logo. Nice change, I could see straight away what sort of game was in episode :)

    1. I've been going back and forth for ages about what's best to stick on the thumbnail. In the end I went for a snap of game play, think it looks pretty good. And if you get chance check the Youtube video as I've started to include proper footage of the games.

    2. Looks great. And tbh I think they're only two options for thumbnail: screenshot from game itself or photo of original graphic from boxed game released on Amiga (unless it was ported from other platform). I'll check YT, when get back from work.
      Thanks for interesting episode and introduction to a new gem :)

    3. This episode has been quiet popular too, think lots of people missed it back in the day so a good reminder to make them go back. It's all coming together nicely, new website launching in a day or two as well :) Been working on it all week.